WeChat Web Grab

WeChat Web Grab 1.0

It allows you to shake web pages from your browser to your phone
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  • WeChat Web Grab is not working for me. Can you help me to fix it?
    It is recommended to use the Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer. First, remove all the add-ons installed and upgrade Firefox to its latest... Read more
  • WeChat Web Grab is not installing.
    It seems that this program can only be used on : Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Sogou. If you are using another browser, you will not be able... Read more
  • How can we use the shake feature in WeChat if we have installed WeChat in PC through Bluestacks?
    You can't use it because it requires the movement of the phone in order to activate the function. This is available on phones with built-in orientation modules.


WeChat Web Grab is a free program that allows you to shake web pages from your browser to your phone. You can link the program with your WeChat mobile app to send webpages and images from your computer browser to your phone, just by giving your phone a shake. You can also share content from Web Grab with your friends on WeChat.

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